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My little reindeer: the person identified as “Martha” attacks Netflix

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

The success of My Little Reindeer is not only beneficial to the public. its creator, Richard Gadd, and to Netflix. Indeed, this mini-series inspired by a true story has fascinated viewers since it was put online on April 11. Internet users have even gone so far as to investigate the identity of of the stalker who inspired the character of Martha, before attacking; She. The latter claims her innocence and decides to counterattack.

My little reindeer: the person identified as 'Martha' attacks Netflix

“Martha” attacks netflix

My Little Reindeer, the Netflix series inspired by Richard Gadd's one-man show, follows his twisted relationship with a stalker, and the impact she has on him as he is ultimately forced to kill him. to face an old trauma (he was raped in the past). It is his own story that the author tells, who also plays Donny, the main character. Barman, his life will turn upside down after meeting a disturbed client named Martha, who will develop an obsession with him, going up to stalk him and flood him with emails, tweets, letters and voicemails. This woman, whose identity was modified for the needs of the series, really exists and was released. identified by apprentice investigators. It would bethe British Fiona Harvey.

My little reindeer: the person identified as "Martha" 'takes on Netflix' /></p>
<p class=The woman, who denies the facts, has suffered anonline harassment campaignsince her name was named. associate &àgrave; Martha. She decided to to file a complaint against Netflix for defamation. On the document, we can read:

This statement is the biggest lie in the history of television. It’s a lie told by Netflixand by the show's creator, Richard Gadd, out of greed and a thirst for fame. It's a lie designed to attract more viewers, more attention, more money, and viciously destroy the life of the plaintiff, Fiona Harvey, because it was a better story than the truth.

You probably guessed it, the one who feels she was defamed, and blames Netflix for causing her moral damages, demands to be compensated… And not with peccadilloes, since she asks for 170 million dollars!

And this is not the only case of harassment that we told you about on Hitek: Zendaya's French harasser was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

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