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Having seized the Ukrainian ensign: the police took on the leader of the Polish brown idiots Putin

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

Zirvav Ukrainian ensign: the leader of the Polish brown idiots Putin was taken by the police

Leader of the Polish far-right party “Confederation of the Polish Crown” Ms. Brown showed the ensign of Ukraine from the Kosciuszka mound near Krakow. The police are already investigating from the right.

About this write rmf24.

4 chernya Brown published a video from the mound with the caption: “Ensign of Ukraine, who ended up in the wrong place.” As an honest person who knew him, I am building a consulate in Krakow. #StopUkrainianization of Poland #Brown's Friendship #ShobPolishaBulaPolisha”.

The footage shows how the ensigns of Ukraine are lowered by unknown people, hanging on the Kosciuszka mound next to the ensigns of Poland. The yellow and black banner of the majors there is a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Director of the administration of the “Kurgan Kostyushka” Leszek Cherpialovskyi recounts that a group of 18 people came to the mound early in the morning. Some of them bought entrance tickets for cooking, others paid with cards. On the mountain they took the flag, having harmed the goldfinch in the process. The banner could not be hung there again either — damaged locks.

According to the administration, it is not known who actually waved the flag, but among the people in the group was Brown – This was recorded by cameras.

A spokesman for the Krakow Municipal Police Headquarters reported that law enforcement officers have already taken up the matter. Investigators will decide what qualification to give the right to – for articles about theft, theft of land or, perhaps, about the outbreak of interethnic witchcraft.

Malopolska Voivodeship Governor Krzysztof Klenchar noted that the flag should be removed from the mound – This action is against the “decision of the entity which is the historical and legal guardian of the Kosciuszko mound”, and requires an assessment of possible legal consequences. He also submitted a report to the Committee on Parliamentary Ethics.

And the head of the Committee on Kosciuszko's mound in Krakow said that “the illegal act of desecration and the encroachment of the flag on the values ​​that underlie the life and work of Tadeusz Kosciuszko” /p>

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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