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Planned corridors for 300 thousand military servicemen to protect NATO’s similar flank, – ZMI

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

Corridors planned for 300,000 military personnel to protect NATO's eastern flank, - ZMI

The North Atlantic Alliance is developing several routes by which American troops and armored vehicles could be moved closer to the front in the event of a large-scale land war with Russia.

As written "European Truth", can be found in the material of The Telegraph.

European supply routes have become a key NATO priority after the leaders of the Alliance's member states agreed last year to prepare 300,000 troops to be on high alert to defend the eastern flank.

To this end, the Alliance is preparing “land corridors” in which troops will be able to freely transport supplies without restrictions imposed on civilians.

  • The current plans are for the US military to land in Dutch ports – near Rotterdam, after which they will be transported by haulage through Germany to Poland.
  • As ports in Europe will be destroyed as a result of Russian attacks, another route is being prepared – through daily ports in Italy, Greece and Turkey. From Italy, for example, US troops can be transported through Slovenia and Croatia to Ugorshchina, which is the border with Ukraine.
  • Analogue Initial plans to begin transporting troops from Turkish and Greek ports via Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Dodatkovo, writes The Telegraph, plans are being developed for the transfer of troops through ports in the Balkans, as well as through Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Planned corridors for 300 thousand military servicemen, in order to protect the similar flank of NATO, – ZMI   Infographics: The Telegraph

According to the words of Lieutenant General Alexander Solfrank, the logistics command of the Joint Armored Forces of NATO (JSEC) has been tracking for the past five years various routes that could be used to deliver troops against Russia. to any invader.

"Everything was created in such a way as to ensure the necessary durability– reliability, reserves, and also dubbing”, – explained in.

Recently, Solfrank expressed concern that NATO may not have enough anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-defense capabilities to cover its own flank.

"Watching and assessing the Russian war in Ukraine, we believe that Russia has attacked Ukrainian logistics bases. It is important to realize that large logistics bases, as we know from Afghanistan and Iraq, are no longer possible, since they will be attacked and destroyed at an even early stage of a conflict situation ", – general.

In the Alliance, the member states of the past already warned of the influx of bureaucratic drag on the transfer of military forces across Europe, which they proclaimed as the ultimate creation of the “Western Schengen”.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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