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“Good Russians” – the price of the new “White Guard,” thought

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

"Good Russians" - price new "white guard, - thought

​ ​​​​​​To whom up to a hundred of the world's most productive people are behind the version of the magazine "TIME" was slain by Yulia, the widow of the Russian oppositionist Oleksiy Navalny, who died due to the situation that had not yet been established in the Russian prison, Yulia

Vona denounced the category of “Leaders” I put it on the lining. US Vice President Kamala Harris has spoken out against masculinity. The courage of Mrs. Navalny lies in the fact that she condemned the nonsense and cruelty of the Russian authorities at the Munich Security Conference, Andriy Kokotyukha notes in his contribution.

Almost in unison with the voices Navalny's widow "head leader'2024" announced the program of the colorful Cannes Film Festival. The main list of applicants – I will return to Kirilo Serebrennikov from the feature film “Limonov.” Balad about Edichka.” I call again – Sergiy Loznytsia with a documentary film about the Russian invasion of Ukraine The Invasion ("Invasion"). Film producer Mikhailo Mailis wrote that the team worked on the film for two days in order to make a line about “dear and courageous Ukrainian people.” In other words, for the kids, “we traveled all over Ukraine.”

The axis looks like this to come back to the Russian order of the day on the flowing Maidans and obviously – in a broad positive information field.

Also, at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, the world of light cinema, Catherine Denyov, read from the scenes of Lesya Ukrainka’s story. This is a clear gesture of support for the warring Ukraine, and not the only one: the actress later read the audio version of Lyubov Yakimchuk’s poetic book “Apricots for Donbass.”

And just recently, Serebrennikov and Loznitsa were protesting in Cannes for a direct and indirect boycott of Russian culture. More: director of the story about “dear and courageous Ukrainian people” having publicly condemned this boycott, suddenly degrading the Ukrainian one. For which he was promptly expelled from the membership of the Ukrainian Film Academy. What gave the directors, who insisted and insisted on the responsibility of the Ukrainians before the Jewish pogroms under the Hour of Another Light and before the shootings at Babin Yar, to pour a hefty portion of Russian waste into the bank of Ukraine .

You can look at similar cases for a long time. But there will be a new story: at Sunset, with the stubbornness of the cinematic divine teachings, we are trying to unravel the mystery of the Russian soul declared by Russia itself. The third stage of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, after the shelling, death from the “spiritual” Russian bombs and missiles from Ukrainian giants, among which have long been unheard of, footage from Bucha and Irpen did not provide a clue. I won’t give it.

Do you know why? From 40 years from 1910 to 2021, the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” less than 10 Russian ones. Hollywood and Britain made 5 each, France – 4.There is no point in overreacting to other countries whose cinematographers brought all these Russian classics to the screen, although Venezuela is among them.

Then it makes sense to say: behind the blame of the classic of English literature William Shakespeare, another character was not so often included in the cinema. There is no need to bring back classic works of literature from other countries. In the USA, they don’t film William Faulkner, Mark Twain or Francis Scott Fitzgerald, or Tolstoy. And France doesn’t have many on-screen replays of Alexandre Dumas.

You are throwing just one butt of Russia’s existential positive influx into the dying world. Let's talk through culture – in other areas of life, including politics. Bo there, de dead Tolstoy and living Serebrennikov – culture, there is Yulia Navalna – political leader. If we want to be political after the human death in Ukraine, it is right to be in doubt,  for Zakhada Mrs. Navalna – That Russia, as much as you want there, you just don’t want to lose at all.

We’re missing a few pennies on films about Edichka Limonov, but – native of Kharkov Eduard Savenko.

National Bolshevik, among the militants – Zakhar Prilepin, Russian military member. Behind Savenko-Limonov there is a majestic trail of something that is not pleasant in civilized marriages. The film about him was happily accepted.

It’s because he’s a radical, a Ukrainophobe and an anti-foreigner for life Edichka – a victim of the Putin regime.Eduard Veniaminovich has been subject to a number of criminal charges for terrorism during his life – from Russia for terrorism, yeah! – They voiced out loud and shook their heads in 2002-2003 rocks.  So just like they “sewed” it on. on the right Kirilova Serebrennikova, wanting to make a sacrifice to the regime, they were trimmed under house arrest. Ale and that's not all. During the SRSR, Savenko-Limonov was a political emigrant and alive in Paris. Having written his first novel, “This I Am” Edichka!" With the arrival of the so-called Perebudova, the leading voice, the magazine “Ogonyok” edited by the Ukrainian poet Vitaly Korotich, publishing a great interview with Limonov under the title “Conversation with a normal writer.”

Ozhe,for those in Zakhod, who give Maidanchiki to both the living Serebrennikov and the long-dead Limonov, the stench is similar to them – Vignanians, fighters against authoritarianism, read – red Russian regime. The literal analogue of “white emigration”. These are the very white guards described by Mikhail Bulgakov, another well-known classic.

After the residual victory of the Red Army and the established Radian rule and dictatorship, the term white migration appeared. Nobles with important family backgrounds, military people, intelligentsia, and entrepreneurs emigrated from Russia. The stench is volumetric and dramatic in one of the Radian films following the works of Bulgakov – “Big”. І caricature – in the sub-par propaganda action movie of the same hours, “The Crown of the Russian Empire.”

The current Russian emigration is doing exactly the same thing, since white immigration is a hundred years old. They gather together, create so-called opposition shows, develop so-called opposition TV channels on the Rain website, open personal channels on the Internet and criticize the Putin regime. That axis, that very masculinity, Kamala Harris wrote about Yaku, predicting Yulia Navalna. A hundred years ago, the last leaders of thought fell in love with white immigrants, all that white guard, who grieved for the wasted Russia and swore to be born into their appearance. Either in the monarchy format, or in the parliamentary version.

It’s true that Europe and America should encourage “White Guard 2.0” means preparing for a damn film adaptation of “Annie Karenina”. Believe in the civilized prospects of the future, new Russia. If Putin dies, Shoigu will shoot himself and Medvedev will go to Belarus. You'll come from the same place…

Who? Definitely not Yulia Navalna, Yulia Latinina, Boris Akunin or Maxim Kats. Like them and others like them, it is not possible to look for any active actions.  So, just as the white immigrants could not, they had no physical ability to change power in the Kremlin. In order to do this, we need to recognize the pathological illness of Russia, which affected this territory and the citizens even during the hours of Ivan the Terrible, and not before. Known may not Zahid chi Ukraine – Yulia Navalna, Kirilo Serebrennikov, Sergiy Loznytsia, Garry Kasparov, Andriy Makarevich, Pavlo Durov, Leonid Parfionov, Yuriy Dud – The list can and must be continued. It’s easier for them to lose their White Guard status.   Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

Natasha Kumar has been a reporter on the news desk since 2018. Before that she wrote about young adolescence and family dynamics for Styles and was the legal affairs correspondent for the Metro desk. Before joining The Times Hub, Natasha Kumar worked as a staff writer at the Village Voice and a freelancer for Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, GQ and Mirabella. To get in touch, contact me through my 1-800-268-7116

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