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Slovak citizens raised 2 million euros for ZSU

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

The Slovak citizens collected 2 million euros for the ZSU

This happened after the edges was inspired to support the Czech Republic's initiative to collect waste and search for ammunition for Kiev, reports the BBC.

One of the organizers of the collection of waste for shells – 99-year-old journalist Otto Simko, who survived the Holocaust, – having voiced that the Russian army needs to be driven out of Ukraine, and then it will be possible to talk about peace – on the minds of Ukraine.

It is clear that the campaign sent a message to the government of the country. And Prime Minister Robert Fico – active critic of Ukraine. The Czech initiative for the purchase of ammunition for the self-propelled gun system did not help. The politician was encouraged by his brothers to take part in the European competition. Ale giants went against the authorities.

“The cats began to collect money as soon as they sensed about the initiative. Popularizing the collection of Otto Simko – He is a veteran of the Slovak national uprising against the Nazis. At the same time, the campaign gives a clear signal to the authorities, – the participants know. Parliamentary and, later, presidential elections split the country. Collecting costs for ZSU – This is a protest against the order of Robert Fico. The Slovaks have brought it to light: in the country there are enough bad people because of his policy”, – Available from the BBC material.

“We cannot come to terms with the fact that our department is expected to help the Souss. Let's make it clear that Slovakia is not afraid and is on the right side of history. Let's help Ukraine, regardless of our pro-Russian order”, – tell Sky News the words of the organizers of the action.

It took over 20 countries to initiate the initiative – The Slovakian government did not take part in the campaign, declaring that the conflict “does not have a military effect,” and the return of the army “will not continue the war.”

With this, And finance the initiative, do not vote. However, it appears that Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, France, Poland and Belgium have already achieved it.

: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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