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Skull & Bones: to launch its season 2, Ubisoft is offering this great gift to players

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Last February, Ubisoft finally launched Skull and Bones. A chaotic development for a game announced in 2017, which many expected to happen; see canceled. But Skull and Bones, an extension of the naval gameplay of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, must be released. It is now done. The first feedback is not good, and even if the game is pleasant, it is far from the AAAA game described by the publisher. While the players have long since left the ship, Ubisoft will look for more; bring them back with this beautiful gift.

Skull & Bones: to launch its season 2, Ubisoft is offering this great gift to players< /p>

a lifeline for skull and bones?

Skull and Bones takes on water. Ubisoft's pirate game is struggling to improve. seduce, but the French publisher does not immediately sell it. After a first season, Skull and Boneswill look for to bring back its players, but above all to find new ones. To fill your crew, the title will be offered to the most curious. To mark the launch of season 2 this May 28, Skull and Bones becomes free. But be careful, it's temporary.An initiative that Ubisoft has the secret to, a way for players to try the game as much as they want, before buying it or saying goodbye to it once the deadline has passed. p>

From May 30 to June 6, Skull and Bones is therefore free. Accessible at; Running for one week, Skull and Bones will allow those interested to try their hand at both games and games. the main story as well as multiplayer content. Cherry on the cake? VYour achievements, treasures and ship upgrades will be kept if you decide to purchase the full version of the game after this trial of a few days. An exercise to which are accustomed to aficionados of Ubisoft productions, remains to be seen. know if the players will respond now. Anyway, Skull and Bonesdoes not seem to attract more than that, while the Twitch counter does not currently exceed 900 spectators.

Skull & Bones: to launch its season 2, Ubisoft offers this great gift to players

A popularity who is struggling to cope; take off, let's hope that Ubisoft manages to achieve this. turn things around, or Skull and Bones might not survive. its season 2. Other genre, same publisher, XDefiant seduces and even exceeds its expectations. 8 million unique players in just one week according to Insider Gaming, with a record number of simultaneous players in just one week. à 700,000, a surprise success which must do good for everyone. the French publisher. For your part, have you tried XDefiant? Skull and Bones? What did you think about it? ? Don't hesitate to Reply us via the comment section below.

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