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For the first time in 300 years among monarchs: Prince William's unique feature revealed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

For the first time in 300 years among monarchs: the unique feature of Prince William has been revealed

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Prince William could become a unique British monarch if he takes the throne after his father. As it turns out, the eldest son of Charles III has a feature that has stood out for the last 300 years.

Amid Charles III's battle with cancer, foreign media are actively discussing a potential replacement for the king, which is why William's feature was discovered . So, it's all about the growth of a member of the royal family — he is unusually tall even for the family of a monarch, and his height is 191 cm.

And if William becomes monarch — he will receive the status of the tallest king of Great Britain, after King Edward IV, who was 194 cm tall.

It is noteworthy that Charles III is 178 cm tall, like his late wife Princess Diana, who is also William's mother . The Duke of Wales's beloved, Kate Middleton, is 175 cm tall.

So, among the kings only Edward IV was taller than William, who reigned for almost 22 years — from 1461 to 1483. At the same time, in armor he was about two meters tall.

However, the prince’s family now has problems much more important than the royal throne — in March it became known that Kate Middleton was diagnosed with cancer. According to the princess, oncology was discovered during tests, and now the celebrity is undergoing treatment.

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