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Six elements were added to the list of intangible cultural heritage in Vinnytsia

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr6,2024

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The expert council added six new elements to the list of intangible cultural heritage (NCC) of Vinnytsia Region. Radio Maximum tells what was included in the list.

In the Vinnytsia region, a meeting of the expert council on the inclusion of elements of intangible cultural heritage took place. This is reported by the Vinnytsia Regional Center of Folk Art.

According to the results of the meeting, the regional list of intangible cultural heritage was replenished with new elements that are traditional for the communities of Vinnytsia:

  1. The tradition of cooking and consuming Mamalyga with a roast of the Studenyansk hromada.
  2. Tradition of cooking and eating millet cabbage rolls in beet leaves of the village of Berezhanka of the Obodivsk hromada.
  3. Tradition of cooking the spring-summer dish Trusyanka in the village of Vasylivka of the Ladyzhynsk hromada.
  4. Myakhody painted carpets of the Zhulyna community.
  5. Ritual ceremony of Carrying the Cone in the village of Bilashka of the Pogrebyshchen community.
  6. Tradition of performing wind music of the Borivka village of the Chernivtsi community.

The regional list of intangible cultural heritage elements was created with the aim of preserving and fixing righteous traditions, which is one of the factors in the formation of the national identity and living culture of Vinnytsia.

We would like to remind you that in March, located in Vinnytsia, the Stryletskyi cemetery of the soldiers of the Galician army and the army of the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1919-1920 was included in the list of objects of cultural heritage of the Vinnytsia region.

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