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Father and son created the world's fastest drone: how far it covers in an hour (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

Father and son created the fastest drone in the world: how far it covers in an hour (video)

The quadcopter can fly 142 meters per second.

In South Africa, Luke Bell and his father Mike have teamed up to create the world's fastest drone with an average top speed of 480.23km/h.

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The duo, who live in the Western Cape, spent several months designing, testing and eventually flying the quadcopter.

It was named the Peregreen 2 after the original Peregreen model reached a top speed of 397 km/h. h, but was never officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

The official title for Peregreen 2 – this is the fastest ground speed for a battery powered remote control quadcopter.

After several malfunctions during testing, including overheating wires and batteries that led to an electrical fire, Luke and Mike went back to the drawing board and were ready to fly.

To be officially recognized as record holders, the drone had to successfully complete two series of flights in opposite directions to negate tailwinds and headwinds.

The actual maximum speed measured by the drone during these two runs was 510 km/h, which means it can fly 142 meters per one second.

The drone's carbon fiber body makes it light and easy to control, especially after they enlisted the help of aerotherm engineer Chris Rosser on how to fly the drone successfully.

It was 3D printed -printer in the workshop and combined with engines and batteries. The shape of the drone has been completely changed to make it more aerodynamic.

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