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Anker is recalling a popular power bank model due to a potential fire hazard

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

Company Anker recalls popular power bank model due to potential fire hazard

Anker, a leading mobile accessories company, is recalling a certain model of its portable power bank due to a potential fire hazard. This affects portable battery Anker 321 (PowerCore 5K, model A1112) manufactured after March 2023.

Anker is initiating an urgent recall of portable units power

According to Anker, a manufacturing defect could cause the lithium-ion battery in these power packs to overheat. This overheating is a serious safety hazard, potentially causing the device's plastic components to melt, emit smoke, or even cause a fire. Although Anker assures consumers that this only affects a limited batch of power packs manufactured after March, the company is taking a proactive approach by recalling all units of this model.

If you have an Anker 321 Power Bank, it is very important to check if yours falls under the recall category. You can check the white label on the bottom of the device. It should say “Anker 321 Power Bank (PowerCore 5K, Black), Model: A1112” if your device is part of the recall. Anker strongly recommends that users stop using the Power Bank immediately if it meets this description.

Anker has created a dedicated web page to handle the recall. Consumers can visit the page to check the serial number of their power bank and confirm if it is subject to the recall. If confirmed, Anker will offer a free replacement for the Anker 533 Portable Power Bank. To speed up the replacement process, Anker recommends having proof of purchase handy when filling out the online form.

Anker reminds users that proper disposal of old batteries is extremely important. Disposing of them in regular trash or recycling can be hazardous to the environment and a fire risk. Anker's website provides information on responsible battery disposal practices specific to different regions.

This case is a reminder to consumers to be careful when using portable power supplies. Always make sure you buy these devices from reputable brands and authorized sellers. When choosing a power bank, pay attention to the certificates of well-known organizations that guarantee compliance with safety standards. Regularly check your power bank for any signs of damage and avoid using any device that appears to be faulty.

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