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The Air Force disclosed the technical features of the F-16 that our state will receive

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

The Air Force revealed the technical features of the F-16 that our country will receive

The transfer of the F-16 to Ukraine should increase the effectiveness of the use of the AGM-88 HARM (anti-radiation missile ) and JDAM (adjusted aerial bomb), including similar Western aerial munitions currently in service with the Air Force.

About how the provision of F-16 multirole fighters to Ukraine can increase the effectiveness of the Armed Forces during strikes against&nbsp Putin's army, writes the NBN, referring to the explanation of Serhiy Golubtsov, chief of aviation of the Air Force Command, in an interview with Radio Svoboda. According to Golubtsov, all of the above aircraft underwent some modernization, receiving an improved sight for detecting air targets. In addition, these fighter jets will be equipped with a special container that will enable detection and guidance of missiles/air bombs on ground targets. In particular, all such "upgrades" are primarily intended to convert the aircraft into a class that has an increased potential for using high-precision types of weapons.

The Air Force representative emphasized:

They work flawlessly, they find targets from drone to plane. I won't say what the range is, but the well-known AIM-120 missile is used there, and its impact range, let's say, according to some data, is up to 180 kilometers +/-.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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