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Experts told how to properly charge your laptop so as not to damage the battery

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

Experts told how to charge your laptop correctly so as not to damage the battery

If you do not charge your laptop correctly, very soon you can wait for the battery to fail.< /em>

There are many different beliefs about how to charge your laptop, when you should charge it, or even where you should charge it.

A laptop battery won't last you forever; we all know that. However, there are some things you can do to help your battery last longer.

Tip #1. turn your laptop over and gently blow on the back for 10-15 minutes every day to cool it down

Most people don't notice this.

Excess heat isn't just bad for your CPU ( and knees), but also for the battery.

A hot battery will damage your health much faster than a cold one.

It is best to stay away from heat when using a laptop, but it is also important, when it comes to laptop storage.

The best way to store the battery – it's a cool temperature.

If you store your laptop at 32-55 degrees and use it every day, the battery will lose only 4% of its total charge after 3 months

In contrast, if you store laptop at a temperature of 80-100 degrees during daily use, the battery will lose 20-30 percent of its total charge.

Remember: you don't leave your dog or child in a hot car. So don't do that with your laptop either. Try to charge your laptop properly.

Tip #2 – don't leave it fully charged

Ever heard of the 40/80 rule?

This applies more to nickel-based batteries, saying that you should maintain a charge between 40% and 80%.

While this rule of thumb is said not to apply to new Li-ion batteries, it is still a great guideline.

Keep it within this range if possible, to extend his life as long as possible.

And if you charge it to 100%, don't leave it plugged in.

That's what most of us do, but it's another thing that's going to hurt your health&rsquo ;i your battery.

Tip #3 – perform a shallow discharge

Properly charging a laptop is a whole science. Instead of being constantly discharged to 0%, Li-ion batteries work best when you discharge them a little and then charge them a little.

Research shows that discharges to 50% are better for long battery life than, say, small discharges to 90% or large discharges to 0% (since 50% discharges provide the best cycle-to-cycle ratio).

Tip #4 – Fully Discharge Once a Month (This may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out.)

Not only is it important to properly charge your laptop, it's also important to discharge it. Although lithium-ion batteries shouldn't be discharged regularly, most batteries today are so-called 'smart batteries', meaning they can tell you how much time you have left before the battery dies (for example, '2 hours 15 minutes left'). ).

This feature may be miscalibrated after many shallow discharges.

Therefore, manufacturers recommend fully discharging the battery once a month to ensure that it remains correct.

So, in order to properly charge a newbook, you need to know just a few nuances.

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