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Apple is developing a high-tech home robot that will live with users

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr5,2024

Apple is developing a high-tech home robot that will live with users

Apple is exploring the potential of personal robotics, and the tech giant's engineering team is exploring the possibility of developing a mobile robot that can live with users in their homes. About this  writes  Business Insider  with reference to  Bloomberg journalists.

It is noted that the transition to robotics can help Apple gain a greater presence in consumers' homes and use advances in artificial intelligence.< /p>

However, the company has not made any commitments yet, as the work is still in the early stages of research. Apple continues to look for ways to create the 'next big thing', exploring a range of projects that include a revamped Vision Pro, touchscreen Macs, AirPods with built-in cameras and new medical technologies such as a non-invasive blood sugar monitor .

Artificial intelligence is also in the spotlight: Apple AI researchers are exploring the use of algorithms to help bots navigate in cluttered spaces. The company is also recruiting specialists for positions related to robotics.

According to the report, Apple has a separate facility near Apple Park that is specially built to test equipment for Apple's smart home. In addition to the robot, the report claims that Apple is also testing a home hub with an iPad-like display.

Natasha Kumar

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