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Experts told how to increase the laptop's operating time during power outages

The life of a laptop battery, like any other battery, is limited.

Laptops can use a lot of power, and as a result, laptop battery life can be shortened due to stress.

In this article, you will learn how to extend the life of your battery and also increase the operating time of your laptop if there is no light.

Reduce sound and brightness first. A brighter picture or louder sound will make your laptop use more power. These settings vary depending on your operating system.

Activate sleep mode on your laptop when it is not in use. While it is not connected to a charger and you will not be using it, put the laptop to sleep mode so that the operating system remains in its current state, and when it wakes up it will resume from that moment.

Enable power saving options< /strong> in your laptop operating system.

Your operating system will change the behavior of hardware and software, making them less active and using less power on your laptop.

Power settings allow you to change the behavior of laptop hardware, such as the processor or hard drive, so that it activates only when it is needed for certain actions.

Turn off wireless access and Bluetooth settings.

Your laptop always searches for a connection when the wireless and Bluetooth functions are active. When working away from Bluetooth devices or places where there is a network connection, disabling these features will prevent the laptop from searching for devices to connect to.

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