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Disneyland Paris: this overview of the palace will charm Frozen fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Announced last year, the new Disneyland Paris extension project based on on one of Disney's most lucrative licenses,Frozen,is moving forward slowly but surely. The titanic project which took part in the surroundings of the amusement park is revealed throughunpublished photos of the future palace of Arendelle.

Disneyland Paris: this overview of the palace will charm fans of Frozen

the palace of Arendelle is taking shape, the proof in photos

Scheduled for 2025, the new themed area World of Frozen will complete the historic expansion started by Disneyland Paris with its area dedicated to Marvel a few years ago. Once completed, the impressive ongoing construction will allow visitors to delve into the heart of the kingdom of Arendelle, to measure oneself against; the Northern Mountains and taste Nordic specialties. And above all, to discover Elsa’s ice palace, which our colleagues from the Disneyphile site have revealed. never-before-seen photos. Indeed, the first turret of the building received its roof at the same time. theme at the start of the week.

Disneyland Paris: this glimpse of the palace will charm Frozen fans

Disneyland Paris: this glimpse of the palace will charm Frozen fans

Hidden by high metal barriers, the construction site is hidden from view in the eyes of the curious public.Nevertheless, the photos above allow us to see the assembly of the Montagne du Nord and the rocky scenery at the bottom. nearby. Elsa's ice palace will take place at the top of the immense metal structure hidden by the concrete. The main structure of the castle has already been preserved. Summer assembled behind the scenes (like a giant LEGO), and will be placed last, once the other turrets of the building are in place. Ultimately, Queen Elsa's majestic home will stand atop a 131-foot-tall snow-capped mountain and be bordered by a 3-acre lake.

< p>While the Marvel Avengers Campus will soon celebrate its 2nd anniversary, the arrival of World of Frozen to Disneyland Paris should charm more traditional fans of Disney princesses… The park's turnover will tell us if this is the case!

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