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Bridgerton season 3: this is why this sex scene is so original

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

The third season ofThe Bridgerton Chronicleshas just broken its own record on Netflix, leaving Internet users in stitches. The famous series produced by Shonda Rhimes skillfully combines romantic intrigues, passionate sex, and romance. and dresses of the 1st Empire. The new episodes are no exception, and Colin and Penelope's performers reveal that a very hot scene was created.  improvised.

Bridgerton season 3: this is why this sex scene is so original

Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan improvised this caliente scene

Each season of theBridgerton Chroniclesis dedicated to one of the couples in the series. After Daphneé and Simon, then Kate and Anthony,it's Colin and Penelope's turn to go from friends to friends. lovers. The realization of this rapprochement, which readers of Julia Quinn's novels had anticipated, took place in a horse-drawn carriage during the sulfurous ;episode 4. This sequence stands out from the usual sex scenes on the small screen in that it isfilmed exclusively from a female point of view. A rare case in TV series, which emphasizes the foreplay phase, and which Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan revealed à People and Glamor were partly improvised, before being interrupted by the director!

Bridgerton season 3: this is why this sex scene is so original

Nicola Coughlan:It had to be (…) beautiful, touching, romantic and sexy, which is a lot of things. […] We had all the control. We really felt like we were in control. […] it didn't seem right to us. guided nor choreographed. We said to ourselves: “I trust you, you trust me“, let's do it the best we can. […] So the director had to come to us and ask us: ‘But what are you doing?”

Luke Newton: It really was asafe place . If something scared us or made us uncomfortable, Lizzie [Talbot, one of the intimacy coordinators] supported us. What if things changed on the day and we didn't. We didn't want to do something, she was always very supportive.

A fusion and trust between Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan that Internet users did not fail to notice. comments en masse on Colin’s very positive attitude towards Penelope after this noted sex scene!

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