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Nutella: this new product should be all the rage

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Nutella products have been delighting young people for generations. Recently, the Ferrero brand has just announced a new product which should be all the rage.

Nutella: this new product should be all the rage

Nutella: the happiness of the youngest

You have to go back to 1946 to have the first traces of Nutella. At the time, Pietro Ferrero, a pastry chef from the Piedmont region of Italy, creates a solid dough called “Giandujot” with a twist. base of hazelnuts, sugar and a small amount of salt. of cocoa. However, it was not until 1964 that this dough was released. The spread took the name Nutella. It was his son, Michele Ferrero, who improved the recipe and changed the name. Nutella is derived from from the English word “nut” (walnut, or hazelnut in this case) and the Italian suffix “-ella”,which evokes something sweet and pleasant. The first jar of Nutella left the Ferrero factory in Barcelona. Alba, in Italy, onApril 20, 1964.

Nutella: this new product should be all the rage

You then have to wait 1970to see the first pots of Nutella arrive in France. Since then, the brand has diversified and started to à offer a variety of products. Recently, the Ferrero brand has just offered a Nutella ice cream, which will be marketed throughout the year. in June on French shelves.

What is this new product?

From June 3, fans of Nutellawill be able to taste a new, unique ice cream. The agri-food giant promises that everything has been improved. made to reproduce the taste of Nutella in this ice cream. The ice cream will present itself with several layers of flavors, several layers of Nutella, ice cream and ice cream. hazelnut and flakes of hazelnut paste spread. The product will be available at the price of4.89 euros for a quantity of of 470 ml of ice cream.

NEW ; : Ferrero is celebrating its 60th anniversary by launching Nutella ice cream, available soon in supermarkets. This dessert in a 470 ml jar, sold at 4.89 euros, consists of layers alternating Nutella and ice cream. Hazelnut. #Nutella #ice cream #Ferrero

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