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Disneyland Paris: we explain how to get the sword of Excalibur out of its rock

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Your big dream would be to become King Arthur's heir by removing his legendary sword Excalibur from his rock?< /strong> Know that this dream is achievable, and that it is even within reach. within reach, since several Disney parks offer you the chance to rub shoulders with the Disney parks. this legendary test. Discover below the best tactics listed by Internet users to achieve this.

Disneyland Paris: we explain how to get Excalibur's sword out of its rock

these visitor theories explain how to remove Excalibur from your device. disneyland

If you too have been thinking about removing Excalibur from its rock ever since a visitor to Fantasyland arrived there, you'll be able to find out more about it. in 2020, this article is for you. The famous sword of King Arthur,who appeared in the 1963 Disney classic, Merlin the Enchanter, is at the heart of several legends set in different places. the end of the 5th century, while the Bretons were at war against the Saxons.The son of the king of Brittany Uther Pendragon was entrusted with to the magicianwho lends his name to the tale, and his identity to remains secret. À the death of his father, the lords dispute the throne: Merlin the Enchanter then makes appear a sword stuck in a rock, on the blade of which is engraved the inscription < strong> “Whoever removes this sword from the rock will be the legitimate king of the Bretons“. Symbol of extraordinary strength and legitimacy. princely, Excalibur has intrigued for decades… And if you one day pass by Disneyland Paris, near Lancelot's Carousel, don't miss the opportunity to try to remove it!

Disneyland Paris: we explain how to take out the sword removing Excalibur from its rock

Drawing the sword from the base is so rare that people have started to try it. à analyze videos of park visitors' attempts, developing theories on how to accomplish this. Some people believe that the area around the rock should be inspected, and If at least two park staff members are around, your chances of retrieving the sword increase. Indeed, according to them, anemployee The Disneyland attendant must be present to press a remote-controlled button to allow you to release the motorized sword. The second theory is that a small light turned on at a moment's notice. one of the windows of the neighboring castle will turn green if the rock mechanism allows you to remove Excalibur.

And for all Arthur fans who have not planned to go to Disneyland, and who were planning to be amazed by the live-action remake, we have some very bad news for you…

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