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Dantes presented the composition “The Fool” about the romanticization of abusive relationships

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Dantes presented the composition

Volodymyr Dantes/YouTube

On May 29, Ukrainian singer Volodymyr Dantes presented the daring and provocative composition “Dura”. The track has already been rated online.

In the composition, the artist sang about toxic relationships and left an important message for fans. Watch the creative music video for “Fool” on YouTube.

This is a song about a relationship in which the butterflies in the stomach have long since turned into threats, broken promises and rude words. The compositions are literally permeated with the toxicity of these relationships, where one partner uses the other and treats him with contempt.

Often the first bells of future violence and objectification are not taken seriously and romanticized as expressions of passionate love, but this is the biggest mistake one can make. After all, if at least once it seemed that you were not feeling well in this relationship, then it definitely did not seem so.

I'm tired of realizing how in society people still normalize the terrible attitude of partners to each other, calling it passion or character traits. The stereotype that you have to put up with, love and accept a person for who they are, and eventually give yourself up for destruction to your partner because of genuine feelings, must die. Love is never about violence and always about respect and devotion. My song “Fool” is a veiled request to everyone to stop idealizing relationships in which you feel bad and get out of them for your own happiness, no matter what your partner tells you about it, the singer shared.

“Dura”is a call to all women to realize their value and break the cycle of humiliation that leaves an imprint on their minds. This is a song about the fact that healthy relationships give joy and warmth, while toxic ones cause new wounds and tear old scars.

In the clip, Volodymyr appeared as a rock singer. Together with other musicians, they performed the track emotionally and defiantly. The video was filmed in an abandoned swimming pool.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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