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Biden calls on Hamas to agree to new Israeli ceasefire plan

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Biden called on Hamas to agree to a new Israeli ceasefire plan

US President Joe Biden on Friday , May 31, called on Hamas militants to agree to a new Israeli offer to release hostages in exchange for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to Biden, this is the best way to begin to exit the deadly military conflict, reports Reuters.

"With a ceasefire, this aid can be distributed safely and efficiently to everyone involved needs– Biden said. – As a man who has had a lifelong devotion to Israel, as the only American president to ever travel to Israel during war, as a man who recently sent American troops to the direct defense of Israel when it was attacked by Iran, I I ask you to take a step back and consider what will happen if this moment is missed. We cannot miss this moment.”.

The Hamas leadership said on Friday, May 31, that it positively assesses the content of the proposal announced by US President Joe Biden for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Earlier on Friday, Biden laid out a three-phase ceasefire plan proposed by Israel for Hamas to end the war in Gaza that has killed tens of thousands of people and caused a humanitarian crisis.

" Hamas reaffirms its readiness to take a positive and constructive view of any proposal based on a permanent ceasefire and a complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction of Gaza and the return of displaced persons to their places, along with the implementation of a genuine prisoner exchange agreement, if the occupiers will clearly declare their commitment to such an agreement", — says the group's statement.

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