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Covered in slime and smelly: Mac turned into a 'biological weapon'

It is not clear why the Apple Mac became covered in slime, which may have eaten away some of the device's key electronic components.

The Register reader told how he had to fix the computer a Mac computer manufactured by Apple, which was a real object of biological danger. Focus introduces you to this incredible story .

The reader wished to hide his name, so in the material he was called Bill. Once, representatives of a large retailer brought him an Apple computer for repair. According to Bill, as soon as the car was brought into the room, he smelled a very unpleasant smell, similar to the smell of cigarette smoke. When he removed the side cover, the smell became even stronger. But what surprised the master the most was the presence of a thick layer of slime on the entire inner part of the case.

“It's like Slimer from Ghostbusters flew through the computer several times and left the entire inside covered in a layer of slime. The fan blades were covered with bitumen balls a couple of millimeters in size (bitumen — a resinous product of the weathering of oil, — ed.), dust and other debris mixed with various layers of slime while it was stacked,” — explained Bill.

The manager decided that the machine was too damaged to even touch, and advised Bill to send it back to the customer, neatly packaged like a biohazard.

The man has a hypothesis about how the slime “killed” the device. Not only did it slow down the fans, but it covered every component. In his opinion, the slime and resin had eaten away some key electronic components. Or perhaps the layer of slime created enough electrical resistance to prevent signals from traveling across the board. But where did he come from — remains a mystery.

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