Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Another iPhone smartphone was called obsolete. It is one of the most popular in history

Apple added the iPhone 6 Plus to the list of "obsolete" devices, meaning that Apple stores and authorized partners will no longer offer repair services or other support for this model.

Apple considers a product to be “obsolete'' if it has been 7 years since the device was last sold. The iPhone 6 has yet to achieve this status, as it continued to be sold for some time after the iPhone 6 Plus was completely discontinued in September 2016.

Also, Apple now classifies the 4th generation iPad mini as &laquo “vintage”. This is a category of devices that have been sold for more than 5 years. Apple Stores and Authorized Centers will continue to offer repairs for these vintage products for another 2 years, subject to parts availability.  The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were among the best-selling iPhone models of all time, with a total of 224 million units sold. For example, 250 million units were sold for the entire iPhone 12 line, which consisted of 4 models.

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