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A professional named the most common mistakes when decorating a home with indoor plants

Indoor plants can aptly decorate the home/freepik

Chances are you're the lucky owner of a houseplant (or several), and while you may have mastered the art of keeping your leafy little ones alive, you might be a little confused about the best way to decorate with the help of plants.

As with many other aspects of decorating, there are certain rules in how to use greens correctly. And luckily, Real Simple reporters managed to catch up with Christopher Griffin, florist and author of You're Growing, Girl, to tell him what to avoid when decorating with houseplants.

1. You don't have enough variety

Choose greens of different shapes, sizes and textures,
says Griffin.

Why? Variety adds visual interest. Fill your space with a number of plants that require similar care (like ferns and monsteras) and you won't have to remember a million random watering schedules.

A professional named the most common mistakes when decorating a home with indoor plants

Choose plants , which require similar care/Photo freepik

2. You're Overlooking Vertical Space

Griffin suggests taking advantage of vertical space. Try placing pretty pots on bookshelves and placing hanging plants around the house.

Whether hanging from the ceiling or on the walls, hanging plants save floor space and are eye-catching. up, turning your living space into a lush green oasis,
says Griffin.

3. Your planters are boring

Choose materials, colors and shapes that work well with your overall decor,
says Griffin.

Think: powder-coated steel containers in a modern space or hand-painted terracotta in a traditional space. Make sure you choose a planter with drainage holes (and matching saucers) so the roots don't drown.

Take expert advice. Let the greenery in your home inspire, give a feeling of comfort and peace, and also successfully decorate it.

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