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“China's greatest waterfall” appeared in detail (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

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In China, not only animals in the zoo are crushed, but also natural phenomena. The stunning Gorsky waterfall on Mount Yuntai was often shown in detail.

About this write South China Morning Post (SCMP), reports UNIAN. 

Yuntai Waterfall is advertised as the best waterfall in China, and sometimes as the best in Asia. Its height is 314 meters. This popular tourist place charges a fee of 120 yuan (17 US dollars) for visiting the city. According to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Henan Province, last year the city received 7 million sales, bringing in 650 million yuan (90 million US dollars).

However, a few days ago, a video appeared at the edge, which shows that the waterfall In some cases, it is man-made; the remaining flow of water is ensured by a pipe system.

However, the spіvrobitnik natural park has sung in the Mіstseve vidannya Dingduan News, which is a waterfall – This is a natural break, which is created by a stretch of billions of rocks, and the water flows in a natural path until the transverse cut.

"Pipes are also provided for the supply of water, which will cause the waterfall to ensure its foliage dry season", – saying vin.

According to the man, due to the peculiarities of the local climate, the Yuntai waterfall produces a strong flow of water during the rainy season.

“In the dry season, our waterfall produces a smaller flow of water, which is typical for snow them waterfalls However, a lot of tourists still come from far away at this time of fate, so we try to overcome their enmity,” – revealed the wines.

As SCMP respects, China has had a variety of unique features to increase the attractiveness of tourist destinations throughout history, which is not uncommon. So, in the past year, the Daxiong waterfall in China, also in Henan province, was drawn into the water pipes to release water during the dry season, in order to improve the flow of tourists.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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