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Childbirth outside: employees are asked to keep quiet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar16,2024

Childbirth outside: employees are asked to be quiet

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Employees were asked to give their loved ones a phone number for any questions.


Speech synthesis, based on artificial intelligence, makes it possible to generate spoken text from a written text.

A note posted Friday in the Sainte-Croix hospital in Drummondville formally prohibited staff from talking about the birth that occurred outside this week to employees, their friends or members of their family.

A lady, we remember, had to give birth outside the establishment since certain doors were locked overnight.

The note posted for employees to see specified that the subject is banned throughout the hospital, in the corridors and during breaks.

It has since been withdrawn.

The CIUSSS MCQ ensures that the note results from a personal initiative and that the establishment of health does not support it.

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We still have organizational values ​​that dictate our daily actions, and what is written on the sign or on the memo that was posted does not reflect these values, underlined the Deputy Director General for General Physical Health Programs. and specialists from the CIUSSS MCQ, Stéphanie Despins.

What is important to understand is that this was not an official communication from our establishment.

A quote from Stéphanie Despins, assistant director general for general and specialized physical health programs at the CIUSSS MCQ,


We are still taking stock, trying to understand what happened, who is at the source of this initiative, because we believe that it was an initiative that was more personal, so we are shedding light on all this, making corrections quickly, she adds.

We want our employees to be able to express themselves. We want them to tell us when there are things that are not working. We need to know this in order to properly support them and take care of them. Our position is that apart from all our confidentiality rules and internal policies, people can express themselves. It’s important that our employees understand this and [know] that we are there for them and to support them in the situations they experience on a daily basis in the context of their work, she maintains.

The Union of Healthcare Professionals of the region (SPSMCQ-FIQ) is delighted with the employer's reaction. p>

I am happy to learn that the CIUSSS is investigating this note and that for them, they have conveyed that freedom of expression is important.

A quote from Patricia Mailhot, interim president of the Union of healthcare professionals of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec

We have the right to express ourselves, we have the right to say how we feel and how we experienced a situation. We know our scope of confidentiality must not be exceeded, but it is important that these nurses, if they wish to express themselves, they can do so, she maintains.

The management of the CIUSSS MCQ ensures that everything is in place to avoid the repetition of such an event.

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