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Ziferblat band reflected on the events in Ukraine in the new track


During the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, Ukrainian listeners discovered the band Ziferblat, with its unusual atmosphere and mood of songs for Ukrainian show business. March 15 saw the release of their new work “Planes”.

The band's new track “Planes” is the team's first studio work after the full-length album “Transformation” and the song “Place I Call Home”, with which the band successfully performed at the National Selection.

According to the performers, this is a song about peaceful times. About future peaceful times that may come. This is about those who will someday look at the clear, safe sky and will not even imagine that it is somehow different.

When I reread the text, I imagine a kind of magical telephone that would allow today to communicate with a person from a utopian future. The whole world is the same, but only the details blacken it, – says the band's soloist Daniil Leshchynskyi.

The song planes was released together with a video directed by Ilya Dutsyk. The video was shot in December 2023, at a huge, frozen factory, which even fifty living people could not warm.

A very experimental work for me. It arose spontaneously, when Fedya brought his melody on the keys, and we suddenly decided – we will do it. This is our first actual reflection on the events happening around us. This is not a retreat to the fairy worlds of childhood, as it was in the album Transformation. This is a rough, brutal reality in which we have actually been living for ten years, – shares guitarist Valentyn Leshchynskyi.

Drummer Fedir Khodakov adds that the melody appeared in his head at the exact moment when he started collaborating with Daniil and Valentin.

Five years ago, this melody appeared in my head. It is quite possible that Litaka's song had to be insisted on, acquired meaning. Because now it blows cold, and it fits more into our reality, he comments.

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