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Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis have raised the profile of “golden passports” twice, up to $200 thousand, through the pressure of the European Union. This is reported by Bloomberg. Available with permission, signed on 20 February, price increased from 30 rubles.

The document has established the minimum value of the “golden passport” at $200 thousand. The island powers of the Caribbean also wanted to open up loopholes that would allow them to gain more size with less money. The agreement was not signed by Saint Lucia – a passport there costs $100 thousand.

Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit stated that if he could allow the “fight, as if, for the time being, the European Union would fail” at “We need these programs.”

The Organization for Economic Development and Development (OECD) informed that the “golden passport” programs can help the evildoers “commence the scale of burglary and see and proceeds from evil activities and corruption.” ;.

The CBI program, which sells the Caribbean region, transfers income from the Caribbean in exchange for investment in the region. They are expected to bring in over $579 million, which would amount to half the national income of the region.

"Golden Passports" transfer of visa-free travel to the European Union, Great Britain and other countries. According to the EU data, the Caribbean countries reported a population of at least 88 thousand people.

BAGNET I guess, in Ukraine, the cost of obtaining a foreign passport has become more expensive since the first quarter.

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