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Cannabis has been partially legalized in Germany: the law came into effect on April 1

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr2,2024

In Germany, cannabis was partially legalized: the law came into force on April 1

In Germany, cannabis was partially legalized/AP

Germany has become the largest EU country to legalize the consumption of cannabis. The law allows possession of up to 25 grams and home cultivation of up to 50 grams and three plants per adult.

In order to be able to grow and consume cannabis within the limits defined by German law, it is necessary to live in Germany for more than six months. CNN writes about it.

On the night of March 31 to April 1, a law allowing the recreational use of cannabis in Germany came into force. Germany has become the largest country in the European Union (EU) to regulate the consumption of cannabis for its own population.

At night, hundreds of Berliners staged a “smoking” outside the Brandenburg Gate to publicly consume marijuana and celebrate decriminalization. One of the participants of the action rode a bicycle through the crowd. He was dragging a huge leaf of hemp with him on a trailer.

Cannabis use was around yesterday, but it's on the rise. Now this is a way out of the taboo zone. This is better for real addiction care, prevention for children and young people, and for fighting the black market, which will soon have an alternative, wrote Health Minister Karl Lauterbach.

Details of the law:

From July 1, marijuana will be available for purchase in licensed non-commercial clubs with no more than 500 members.

Distribution of the drug outside of special licensed clubs, remains a criminal offense – especially if cannabis is distributed to minors. These offenses are punishable by prison terms.

However, convictions entered in the Federal Central Court Registry for cannabis-related offenses that are no longer punishable may be expunged upon request. Anyone who is in prison only for such crimes should be released from prison.

Cannabis partially legalized in Germany: the law came into effect on April 1

Cannabis partially legalized in Germany/Reuters

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