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Atari Gamestation PRO: the console that will delight retrogaming fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

For retrogaming enthusiasts and nostalgic fans, the Atari Gamestation PRO console from My Arcade is a window into the past. where the games were very different from what we know today. This console will please everyone all retro fans who are in love with pixels and 8-bit soundtracks.

Atari Gamestation PRO: the console that will delight retrogaming fans

Atari Gamestation PRO: Retro Design and Games

The Atari Gamestation PRO takes up the main lines and design of the era. In addition, we can see the emblematic logo of the Atari brand which reminds us of its glory days. The controllers are faithful to the original. those of origin and they give a good grip.

As a reminder, Atari has beené founded in 1972and the company was one of the pioneers in the video game industry with several consoles to choose from. its assets ranging from theAtari 2600 to; the 7800 through arcade terminals.

The Gamestation PRO is much more than a replica since it integrates no less 200 games including real gems that cover the entire life of the brand. Here are some titles that will bring back good memories:

  • Asteroids
  • Centipede
  • PONG
  • Breakout
  • Missile Command
  • Warlords
  • Adventure
  • < li>Crystal Castles

  • Millipede
  • Air-Sea Battle

Atari Gamestation PRO: the console that will delight retrogaming fans

We are in front of an Ali Baba's cave for gamers and more particularly fans of retrogaming.

If you are tempted by this Atari Gamestation PRO console from My Arcade, you don't have to hesitate another minute since it benefits from a very nice price reduction. In fact, she was at a loss. 129 euros previously and now, it is possible to order it at the price of 79 euros.

For fans of LEGO and sets at a price of 79 euros. collecting, here is very good news since it concerns the essential animated film The Lion King. This new set allows you to reconstruct the main character of this adventure in detail. know Simba.This therefore represents the character with an articulated head.

That's not all, there are also very beautiful LEGO Star Wars sets which will remind you of many unmissable scenes like the Diorama of the speeder chase on Endor. You will be able to reconstruct the action scene where Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia confront the Imperial troops in the middle of speeders zigzagging between the giant trees ;ants that we saw in the film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Don't wait too long before each of them runs out of stock. these sets.

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