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Bread in Ukraine will become more expensive and taste will change: what is the reason

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

Bread in Ukraine will significantly increase in price and taste: what is the reason

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President of the “All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers”, director of LLC “Kyiv Bread” Yuriy Duchenko predicted a 30% increase in the price of bread in the coming months. Among the reasons: power outages, lack of grain and mobilization.

Despite the fact that most enterprises of the bread industry have the status of critical infrastructure, they are still affected by periodic power outages. Yuriy Duchenko told AgroPortal.ua about this.

That is why some of them switch to electric generators, which primarily affects the stability of work and pricing.

The bread industry does not consume a lot of electricity, but emergency shutdowns, outages outside the schedule lead to the production of defective products, equipment failure, he noted, adding that there are already cases when factories cannot restore equipment due to blackouts.

The president of the “All-Ukrainian Association of Bakers” emphasized that shutdown schedules are not suitable for enterprises in the bread industry, as it interrupts the technological cycle of bread production.

Another big problem for the bread industry is mobilization. There are fewer and fewer people, which makes it necessary to change the work schedule, reduce the volume and range of production, etc. At the same time, there are problems with the reservation.

Documents (for the reservation of employees – ed.) are submitted, but due to even a punctuation error, they can be returned without explanation. A package of documents is being prepared again. The process takes from a week to a month. During this time, a person can be mobilized, – says Duchenko.

Because of all this, as well as due to the lack of grain as a result of hostilities in agricultural regions, all the conditions have been created for the increase in the price of bread. Soon the price will increase by 10%, and in the following months – by another 20%. That is, in general, bread will become a third more expensive than it is now.

Bread in Ukraine will become more expensive and will change taste: what's the reason


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