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The Acolyte: Internet users unhappy because of this scene in space

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun6,2024

In the small world of Star Wars, each new series, each new film is analyzed in detail. and judged by the community fans of the franchise. And sometimes, the spectators are a little too strict. This is the case of the promising new release; from Disney+,The Acolyte, a scene set in space was taken down by Internet users for its lack of realism…

The Acolyte: Internet users unhappy because of this scene in space

this sequence in space displeases fans

Disney+ has just revealed episodes 1 and 2 of its new series Star Wars, The Acolyte, whose 7 best easter eggs are at find it right here. If you haven't seen them yet, we advise you to watch them before continuing reading this article, even if the description doesn't really include any spoilers. One scene in particular triggered the passions of Internet users: a young woman, Osha, is tasked with performing an extra-vehicular activity on a spaceship in order to carry out a maintenance operation. However, excess pressure triggers an explosion on a safety valve, which causes a fire to start. We see a gas leak, as well as flames. An adequate representation on Earth, but not in space, according to some Internet users… Whose fussy side was quickly mocked.

There are lasers that go “pew pew” in space in Star Wars since 1977 and people in 2024 are shocked by fire in space in The Sidekick…

June 6, 2024

So after SW Theory who doesn't like Andor at all? Because of houses built with bricks, find out who doesn't like The Acolyte at home. cause of fire in space

This fandom is tiring me

June 6, 2024

sw “fans” make me laugh criticized the fact that there is fire in the sidekick…. whereas in the very first film there was already fire in the sidekick…. fire frr
always more this community

June 6, 2024

There are some who judge #TheAcolyte for fire in space and there is me who judges the series because the first episode throws in a plot twist that would have been better. crazy reveal to yourself the end of the season but which ultimately spoils all the suspense

June 6, 2024

If it is true that Scientifically, in a micro gravity situation, the flames take a very different shape from a classic campfire, as shown in this article. in The Acolyte, the fact remains that Star Wars was never intended to be to depict reality. That combustion operates differently in space than on Earth is not the subject of this science fiction series, as the have rightly pointed out several Internet users, annoyed by these criticisms.

And you, what do you think?

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