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Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will find a response in every heart

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will resonate in every heart< /p> For your attention, beautiful quotes about the war/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

Family Day in Ukraine is celebrated on May 15. On this occasion, Radio MAXIMUM has collected the best and most beautiful quotes for you. They reveal the essence and importance of the family and its construction.

Family is a real treasure. And if you managed to build a happy and harmonious relationship, then take care of it and do not let the trials of life destroy it. With the help of these quotes, you can once again convince yourself of the importance of the family and why it should be protected from everything. Read quotes for Family Day on Radio MAXIMUM!

A family is a society in miniature, on whose integrity depends the safety of the entire great human society,< br> – Felix Adler

Family life cannot be preserved by the spirit of justice. Rather, it is sustained by a spirit of love that transcends justice./Reinhold Niebuhr

To create a family, it is enough to love. And in order to save it, you need to learn to tolerate and forgive./Mother Teresa

When my wife and I disagree, we usually do what she wants. The wife calls it a compromise./Mark Twain

Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will find a response in every heart

It is very dangerous to meet a woman who understands you completely. This usually ends in marriage./Oscar Wilde

What is a family? People who need you. In joy and sorrow, in small things or in general, they come at the right moment and stay with you, no matter what./Sarah Dessen

Modesty and kindness are more needed in family life than wit and proud beauty./Daphne Du Maurier

If you can't accept your family with all their flaws, no stranger will suit you,
– Chuck Palahniuk

A good family and , in which a husband and wife forget that they are lovers during the day, and that they are married at night./Jean Rostan

If a man has not become a real father to his children, he is not a man./Vito Corleone, “The Godfather”

Beautiful and apt quotes about family yu, which will find a response in every heart

Family kills passion? Only potential suicides say so, ready at the first difficulties to kill passion, desire, compassion, and themselves at the same time./Brian Reid

A child is a mirror image of the situation in the family, the relationship between the parents, whether the parents want to admit it or not./Luulle Viilma

Patience is needed to appreciate family happiness; impatient natures choose unhappiness./George Santayana

Ensuring the normal course of one's family affairs is often no easier than managing a province./Publius Cornelius Tacitus

The family is a courtroom, the sessions of which are not interrupted even at night./Malcolm Chazal

Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will resonate in every heart

Absence is the most necessary component of family life, and its dosage is an extremely important art./F. Stark

Family is the compass that guides us. She is the source of inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we sometimes doubt,
– Brad Henry

Taking a city by storm, sending an embassy, ​​reigning over the people are all brilliant deeds. Laughing, loving and being gentle with your family, not contradicting yourself is something rarer, more difficult and less noticeable to others./Michel de Montaigne

You were born into your family, and your family was born into you. No returns and no exchanges./Elizabeth Berg

Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will resonate in every heart

A marriage cannot be happy if the spouses do not get to know each other's temperament, habits and characters perfectly before joining the union./O. Balzac

The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother./T. Hesberg

Marriage is a long conversation interrupted by arguments./R. Stevenson

Family life may or may not be a complete holiday. Be able to share not only joy, but also sorrow, trouble, misfortune,
– Sukhomlynskyi

A wife who does not lead her husband forward will certainly push him back./D. Mill

Getting married means halving your rights and doubling your responsibilities./A. Schopenhauer

A happy marriage is a marriage in which the husband understands every word that the wife did not say./A. Hitchcock

Marriage is an agreement, the terms of which are reviewed and approved anew every day./B. Bardot

Beautiful and apt quotes about family that will find feedback in every heart

A good family is one in which a husband and wife forget that they are lovers during the day, and that they are spouses at night,< br> – Zh. Rostan

Family is a group of people who are united by blood ties and quarrel over money issues./Etienne Ray

What starts a family? From the fact that a young man falls in love with a girl, another way has not yet been invented. /Winston Churchill

Even the strongest family is not a strong house of cards. /George Halifax

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