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Weather in June 2024 in Ukraine – monthly forecast of forecasters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

>> Weather for June 2024/Collage of Channel 24

We tell you what Ukrainians should expect from the weather in June. Find out what the weather and air temperature can be like at the beginning of summer.

It so happened that this year, Ukrainians were able to enjoy the warmth quite early. At the same time, there is an idea that we should expect a hot June. But is it really so, we will tell you further.

What kind of weather should we expect in June

Yes, forecaster Nataliya Ptukha told the publication “Fakty” that from May 31 to June 3 it is worth expect that the temperature at night will fluctuate between +14…+20, and during the day – between +24…+30.

Meanwhile on the website Meteoprog forecaster Ihor Kybalchich noted that June 1 will meet Ukrainians with rains and thunderstorms that will cover most regions of our country. At night, the temperature will reach +12…+17 degrees, and during the day +24…+29 degrees Celsius.

It is interesting that there will be no significant precipitation on the night of June 2. Meanwhile, thunderstorms will pass during the afternoon. Moreover, hail and gusty winds of 15 to 20 meters per second should be expected in places. The air temperature at night will vary from 13 to 18 degrees, and during the day – from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. It will be cooler in the western regions – from 22 to 27 degrees.

 Weather in June 2024 in Ukraine – weather forecast for a month

It is worth waiting for rain in June/Photo freepik

But the Ukrhydrometeorological center noted , that the average monthly temperature in June will range from 17 to 22 degrees.At the same time, it should be expected that it will be lower in the mountains and range from 11 to 18 degrees with a “plus” mark. And this means that there will be no heat in June.

At the same time, it should be expected that it will be quite cool. Thermometers can show from 1 to 9 degrees Celsius. In some regions, you should generally expect +0.3…+3.4 degrees, but in the Carpathians – up to 5 degrees with a “minus” mark. Meanwhile, the maximum in the North and East may reach 32-38.5 degrees Celsius.

As for precipitation, an average of 39-93 millimeters will fall.

strong> This indicator will be much higher in the mountains: from 117 to 171 millimeters. This indicator is almost identical to last year's.

Vira Balabukh gave her forecast for June to the UNIAN publication. In it, she noted that in the first month of summer, the temperature will be one to two degrees Celsius higher than normal. According to her, it will be the hottest in the western regions, as well as in the southeast. In addition, according to her, June will not be rich in precipitation.

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