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Poems about the family: a selection of beautiful poetry about the closest people

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May30,2024

>> A selection of poems about the family/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

On May 15, Ukrainians celebrate Family Day. On this cozy and joyful holiday, you can recite beautiful poems to your relatives. Radio MAXIMUM has collected a selection of poetry dedicated to the family.

For your attention, beautiful and touching poems for Family Day, which is celebrated on May 15. This poetry will find a response in everyone's heart. And if you want to please your relatives, you can recite one of these poems or write it in a greeting card.

Beautiful poems about family

Father and mother. Bohdan Lepkiy

How can I not love you,
my dear father, nene,
and you fed me
and took care of me.

But you fed me
with sincere hands,
oh, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world
like my father and mother.

The father teaches the mind,
the mother makes a pigeon,
no one in the world loves me as much
as they do.

Please, God, let me grow up,
study well at school,
so that I can be a father and a mother
paid off well.


What is a family. N. Chemeris

I will tell you, friends, what my family is.
We live together in harmony
And we sing songs about it.

My dear mother –
How proud I am of her!
She has hands of gold.
She will warm everyone's heart.

Dad is strong and tenacious –
He is the master in our house.
He does everything, everything gets along,
Because he has a knack for everything.

Grandfather and grandmother are respected,
They are veterans of work.
All grandchildren are deeply loved.
And they dove like chicks.

I also have brothers –
You can't find better ones in the world.
That's all seven “I”
You know, this is my family.

Poems about the family: a selection of beautiful poetry about the closest people


Family hearth. Dmytro Bilous

There is only one thing in the world that is white,
like the Dnieper stream,
the family hearth,
our home and family.

Since then, we have been counting
how a man with stones and a stick
rushed after the beast,
and the woman guarded the fire,

the fire that the ancestors made,
obtained by them from friction ;
possessions are different, prichandali,
that have passed from the primeval existence.

And everyday words are necessary,
that sprouted like a seed,
sanctified by fire and native:
hornitus, miner, miner.

Although their origins are different,
there is nothing surprising about this.
But they still carry the spirit of the motherland, the motherland
to us.

Words that were not known before,
are original trembling words,
that warmed and united, –
and the language fell alive.

In happy and in difficult hours –
wherever our path lay
the family hearth does not go out ,
in human hearts.


Conversation about the main thing. Olha Naumenko

Katrus once asked
The gray-haired grandmother:
“What is the cutest thing in the world,
And therefore the most important thing?”

The old woman smiled< br> And she said: “My dear,
Like a grandmother and like a mother
I can confidently say,

What for all parents in the world
The cutest are their children,
For the little ones , on the contrary, –
Their loving parents”.

Katrusia listened attentively
And turned to her grandmother.
Remember, too, child,
The most important thing in life is family!

Poems about the family: a selection of beautiful poetry about the closest people


Wings. Olha Naumenko

Once in the stable, the mother-pony
Said to her daughter:
“Dear, always remember:
You are my best, best, best!< /p>

The most beautiful, the smartest
And, of course, the smartest.
Do not hesitate, my dear,
Because you can do anything.

May all your dreams come true!
Donya, I believe in you!
And I myself, in whatever way I can,
I will always be happy to help.”

So my mother used to say,
And in the bottom of her wings
They grew behind her back
And the wings were added.

And when she got stronger,
To everyone's surprise she flew
To the desired goal
And was able to achieve everything!< /p>


The greatest happiness. Olga Naumenko

The great joy of mom and dad is their tiny baby.< br> Little son or dear daughter,
That they hold their hands in a friendly way.

That they look intently into their eyes
And they babble something in their own way.
They have a lot ahead of them,
But it all starts from scratch.

Small successes and dramas,
The very first step to meet mom,
Such an expected word,
Which broke by accident.

The child goes into the world eagerly,
And mom and dad are always nearby .
They nurture and teach,
They gladly help in everything.

It is not easy for parents,
But everyone is waiting for the stork,
Because this is the greatest happiness in the world,
When babies are born!


Happy kitten. Olga Naumenko

The day was slowly burning down,
A quiet evening was coming.
Both outside and in the house
Everyone was going to sleep already.

But one thing the kitten
Didn't want to sleep at all.
Everything spun, sighed,
And later it refused:

“Mom, dad, don't fight,
But for some reason I can't sleep,< br> Something takes over my mind
And distracts me from sleep.

Heard, there is happiness in the world,
Purring and fluffy.
Tell me about him,
What is so strange about him?”

Mom smiled brightly
And looked at dad.
He scratched his ear
And said to the child: “Listen…

Happiness is when there is a home,
When it is cozy,
When there are parents and children,
There is something to eat, there is something to drink…”

In an instant, the kitten was happy
But it got on its paws,
It smiled kindly
And said to its parents:

“I am well-groomed and fed,
And surrounded by love!< br> Dear mother! Dear Dad!
I'm a happy kitten!”

Poems about the family: a selection of beautiful poetry about the closest people


Family is the foundation. Krasotkina Nadiya

A person crystallizes in the family,
Where the first values ​​are laid in the soul.
Where principles and norms are their own,
And depravity is not tolerated there.< br> Where dad and mom are the authority
And an example for children always, in everything.
Although it is hard work, it is not a secret,
But steel is hardened only in a strong fire.
Here for the first time they teach that work is a law,
That a book is a guarantee for happiness.
And there are no barriers to good,
Parental demandingness is a science.
That is, everything laid down in the family,
It is always perceived out of turn.
Although a person has his own views,
But everything acquired in the family is the basis.


Friendly family. Tatyana Strokach

In a friendly family – a happy child,
Because she has a mother and a father.
Every minute is illuminated by love
And the house is filled with joy.

In a friendly family – a happy child,
Because there are brothers and sisters.
On a gloomy day and on a sunny day
They have smiles shining on their faces.

In a friendly family – a happy child,
Grandparents are kind
Grandchildren are hugged, children are taught
To love Vkrainonka-Nenky.

In a friendly family – peace, harmony now,
Happy adults and children!
Let every day in a good family
Be always warmed by warmth!

Poems about the family: a selection of beautiful poetry about the closest people


Cherry garden near the house. Taras Shevchenko

A cherry orchard around the house,
Khrushchi humming over the cherries,
Plowmen with plows are walking,

Girls are singing as they go,
And mothers They are waiting for dinner.
The family has dinner near the house,

The evening star gets up.
The daughter serves dinner,
And the mother wants to teach,

So the nightingale does not give .
The mother put her little children near the house;

She herself fell asleep next to them.
Everything fell silent, only the girls
But the nightingale did not fall silent.

***< /p>

School of parents. Platon Voronko

My father taught me to work hard,
And my mother – to love songs.
Thank you, my dear, for your sincere care,
Science agreed with me.
I dug trenches with my own hands,
I went to brick the tractor building.
And I am glad that with my song
People are pouring into the work,
My peers, my gray-haired friends,
Wise parents and brothers,
Teach your children to work and sing!
Raise a winged heart in everyone,
Because they will carry our tomorrow.


< strong>Parental love. Vitaly Nazaruk

Years pass – you have gray hair.
But I love you like a little child.
You have children, you have your own family,
They and mine, and I love their son.
In a difficult moment, Lord, save!
I will cover my chest and support my shoulders,
I will do everything so that you do not know trouble,
And to make the little one proud of daddy.
Also remember that as long as I'm alive,
I can even bend the sky.
Because you are my family, not a stranger!
I will love you all my life !!!


The road to the native house is long… Viktor Gerashchenko

The road to the native house is long,
But often I dream of a familiar threshold,
To my father, to my mother I fly like a stork,
When I meet, I wash, I will fall at their feet.
Thank you, darlings, for not losing your honor
And we were forced to protect her,
To always and everywhere love heartily
Acquaintances and relatives lived as brothers.
Thank you, good ones, that faith and spirituality
Through the cruel years they carried within themselves.
What sincere respect, humanity and conscience
We have always lived with you inseparably.
Thank you, dear ones, for teaching us
Always remember our yard,
So that the land where we grew up, we knew how to love,
So we thank God that we have you.
The road to our native house is long,
But often I dream of a familiar threshold,
To my father, to my mother I fly like a stork,
When I meet, I will immediately fall at their feet.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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