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As part of the “House of Recording” project: singer Lely45 covered Scriabin's track

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Within the project "House of Sound Recording": the artist Lely45 covered Scriabin's track

Lely45 and Tina Karol

Singer Lely45 in the fourth edition of Tina Karol's author's project “Recording House” made a cover of the track of the legendary band “Skryabin”. The composition “Nashi” was released by the team at the beginning of their career.

The heroine of the new edition of Tina Karol's program “Recording House” was the young artist LELY45. As part of the project, she covered the track of the band “Skryabin”.

The artist combined punk rock and indie rock with the band, which created a special sound. According to Tina Karol, they only had two hours to do it.

The composition “Ours” was written by Kuzma Skryabin in the early 2000s and was included in the eighth studio album of the band “Winter People”.

It seems to me that this is precisely the period of the global transition from neo-romanticism to such pop-rock. He wanted to reach everyone. It was around 2002. We had a Russian chanson on the radio. Whatever was written, it was said that this is not a format. It was just a chanson… He came, sometimes he paid for his airs. He wanted for his life, it was like a red thread for him, for us to separate from Russia, Russian culture. Not even cultures… but for it to be a separate nation. He saw Europe, traveled the world, and his soul was terribly sick that we have such intelligent and talented people, we have our own culture, but for some reason we “eat” portions of the Russian Empire, – noted the wife of the musician Svitlana Babiichuk.

Recording Smoke is a modern reading of the format vocal shows for the YouTube audience. The peculiarity of Tina Karol's project is that the guest star has to sing the song chosen for her live and from the first take.

The next day after the release of the episode, artists' covers will appear on all platforms. In this way, the singer, together with the guests, will give “new life” to unfairly forgotten Ukrainian songs. Julia Sanina, ONUKA and SHUMEI have already become participants in the project.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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