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Not seen for years: Ukrainian polar explorers met a rare penguin in Antarctica

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

Not seen for years: Ukrainian polar explorers met a rare penguin in Antarctica

Rare penguin/National Antarctic Science Center

For the first time in several years, an emperor penguin came to the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadskyi”. According to biologists, this is a very young penguin, which is evidenced by the gray “juvenile” coloring on some parts of the head.

The emperor penguins were last seen at the station more than three years ago. This was announced by the National Antarctic Science Center.

This species of polar birds is unique in that it can go deep into the coldest continent on Earth for several hundred kilometers and reproduces during the Antarctic winter, that is, during the darkest and coldest season of the year. In addition, emperor penguins are the largest in size. Their height can reach 1.2 m, and weight – up to 50 kg.

The visit was a surprise, because emperor penguins do not nest in the “Vernadskyi” area, but choose colder areas. Their nearest colony is located more than 300 km from us, polar explorers said.

The last time representatives of emperor penguins came to the station more than three years ago – in December 2020. The current unexpected guest has been walking near the station for two days and is particularly interested in the “magnet” – the geomagnetic observatory.

I wonder why this penguin came to the station just now? Maybe you heard the incredible “news” that Ukraine allocated millions “for penguins”? Or did he learn that Russia and China blocked the decision to grant emperor penguins the status of a protected species, and decided to seek protection on “Vernadskyi”?, the National Antarctic Science Center asked its subscribers.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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