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“About you to me”: YAKTAK and Golubenko presented a joint composition

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

"About you to me": YAKTAK and Golubenko presented a joint composition

YAKTAK and Golubenko/YouTube

Young hitmaker Golubenko and pop artist YAKTAK united and presented a new collaboration called “About you to me”. This is the fourth joint work of the musicians.

The track “About you to me” is now available for listening on all music platforms.

“About you to me”

“About you to me”

strong> is a track that talks about the complexities and joys of human relationships. The lyrical hero shares his experiences about how sometimes people forget each other, but some find happiness in solitude and silence.

Despite life's trials, the heart remembers everything and is able to tell about the most valuable moments. The song also reminds that even in the most difficult moment, when the soul hurts and everything seems lost, one should not despair, because everything that happens to us makes us stronger.

“About you to me” is our new joint song. It is permeated with a spectrum of emotions, but it carries an important meaning: whatever happens in our life, it happens, we should not give up because of various trifles. People leave people, someone forgets someone, but it always makes us stronger, – comments the performers

This composition is a penetrating story about love, memory and unbreakable faith in a better future, even when life throws up challenges.

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