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There is no need to obtain additional 200 thousand artillery shells from Rheinmetall – Reuters

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

It’s impossible to obtain additional 200 thousand artillery shells from Rheinmetall - Reuters

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The German army intends to obtain 200 thousand more artillery shells from the Rheinmetall armored plant, as planned.

This will be discussed in the list of the German Ministry of Defense to the parliamentary committee from feeding the budget, reports Reuters.

Germany plans to produce 200 thousand additional 155-mm artillery shells at a cost of approximately 880 million euros as part of a framework deal with a defense company, according to the list. The German army has already benefited from 1.2 billion euros for hundreds of thousands of shells, fuses and charges.

New shells are used to replenish army warehouses, scraps from Germany helps to protect Ukraine, to fight against the Russian military, that invaded the 2022nd generation.

At that time, when the closing lines strengthen their armies and replenish reserves after the delivery of the armor to Kiev, the Rheinmetall company, whose market share has grown more than once and from the beginning of the war in Ukraine, cut increased agreement.

Following this agreement, the German Ministry of Defense also wants to ensure that Rheinmetall can install a new transmission line in the central German town of Unterluss.

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