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A Tu-160M ​​bomber burned down in the Russian Federation

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

A Tu-160M ​​bomber burned down in the Russian Federation

The Tu-160M ​​bomber, on which Vladimir Putin was flying, burned down on the territory of Russia. According to journalists, four engines were destroyed.

In Russia, a TU-160M ​​supersonic strategic missile-carrying bomber, on which Putin was flying, caught fire. This was reported by the Cheka-OGPU project.

The publication clarified that the event took place on March 11, but the Russian authorities kept it quiet. According to the source, during the preparation for take-off, one of the engines caught fire and was destroyed, three more were burnt in the fire. The bomber suffered significant damage, all models with such engines were temporarily suspended from flying.

It is noted that it is a TU-160M ​​with flight number 801. “On February 22, Putin made a flight on this very plane and remained alive only due to the short duration of the flight,” writes the Cheka-OGPU.

According to the journalists, the fire and explosion of the first engine occurred as a result of the destruction of the faulty engine turbine support. At the time of the accident, the engine had run for about 50 hours after overhaul.

Natasha Kumar

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