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The plane of the “Russian Knights” group was destroyed: the second strike on the “Kushchevskaya” air base in the Kuban, which had no air defense

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

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As a result of the Ukrainian long-range attack, the enemy lost at least three fighters, one of which belonged to the aerobatic group “Russian Knights”

On the night of May 19, Ukrainian drones successfully attacked the Russian airfield in the town of Kushchivsk, Krasnodar Territory. It is located 250 km from the front line, and although it is the 195th training air base, it is now home to combat front-line aircraft, including Su-34 bombers.

But now high-quality satellite images have appeared, published “Radio Svoboda”, on which the result of this attack has already been recorded. They show damaged aircraft that have been identified as the Su-34 front-line bomber and the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters.

At the same time, the picture was taken on May 23, that is, four days after the strike and another part the enemy could simply remove the damaged machines.

but additional attention can be paid to the aircraft, which is designated as the Su-27. Because it has a standard color in the colors of the aerobatic group “Russian Knights”.

A plane of the

Su-27 at the airfield “Kushchevska”, Su-27P and Su-27UB of the aerobatic group “Russian Knights”. -27P, as well as two two-seater Su-27UB. But in 2016, “Russian Heroes” received eight Su-30SM. At the same time, from the list of “suspects” they can be excluded, because they have a characteristic front horizontal plumage.

But they did not fly on them for a long time, because in 2019 they began to transfer to the Su-35, which on satellite images will look the same as the Su-27P.

Therefore, we leave the question of identification behind the brackets until further information appears. But the very fact of the appearance of one aircraft of the aerobatic group at the combat airbase – extremely interesting And it may hint that not everything is as idealized with fighter jets in the Russian Federation as they are trying to show.

And another fact is that the so-called “VKS” it is that in general this strike was effective and cost the enemy at least three planes. At the same time, it was not unexpected for him. Because as early as April 27, the same air base “Kushchevskaya” was attacked by Ukrainian drones. Then, at least, they managed to destroy the warehouse from UMPK.

And despite the existing experience, already on May 19, a new batch of Ukrainian drones will fly to this same airfield and do it more than successfully. That is, despite the threat, the enemy could not cover it with air defense means. And this is already a very interesting possible marker. Especially against the background of the destruction of Russian S-400s in the ATACMS front-line area.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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