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Turret spins uncontrollably: the Russian T-90M tank has a significant flaw

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

The turret spins uncontrollably: the Russian T-90M tank has a significant flaw

The occupiers have already lost more than one T-90M tank, and from time to time in the video of their destruction, the turret starts spinning uncontrollably. This could mean a serious problem with the electronics on the enemy vehicle.

The Russian T-90M “Breakthrough” tank is the most advanced vehicle of the T-90 family. According to Vladimir Putin, this is the best tank, but it has one major drawback — a tower that can start spinning uncontrollably. This is reported by Forbes.

On paper, the T-90M “Breakthrough” has the latest version of the 125-mm gun with stabilization and ballistic computer, complex multi-layer combined armor with dynamic protection “Relict” and advanced optical capabilities. However, in fact, the T-90M has a significant drawback that was not found in any other model, even a slight damage to the turret can lead to its uncontrolled rotation. This makes the car absolutely incapable. The author believes that this can explain the numerous losses of the T-90M during hostilities.

The most famous example of turret rotation is the fight against the M2 Bradley. Then the Ukrainian BMP struck the Russian vehicle with rapid fire from a 25-mm Bushmaster II gun. It looked like a bold but hopeless move. “Breakthrough” is supposed to protect against 25 mm caliber, but after several hits on the tower, it began to spin in a circle right on the move. Because of this, the Russian crew had no chance to return fire.

Such situations have been repeated several times, for example, on May 10, the impact of FPV drones led to rotation. The tank stops for a short time, probably the crew tried to take the situation under control, but in fact nothing changes.

Reasons for the rotation of the T-90M “Breakthrough” turret

There are four versions why the turret starts rotating uncontrollably:< /p>

  • even minor hits can penetrate the turret and injure the gunner who falls on the controls. In this way, he clamps the turn with his body;
  • the tank has automatic guidance, which turns the turret to keep the gun on the target. In theory, damage to the optics sends a false signal to the fire control system, which causes the turret to rotate;
  • to detect laser radiation, the T-90M has a “Curtain” system. It activates and should automatically rotate the turret to face the threat and release smoke;
  • the electrical circuit can cause a short circuit and failure when damaged.
Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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