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A thousand shells per day: an automated weapons production plant was shown in China (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr4,2024

A thousand shells per day: an automated weapons production plant was shown in China (video)

The productivity of one Chinese weapons plant can reach almost 400,000 missiles per year. China did not specify what type of missiles are being launched, but they showed a salvo from ground launchers, as well as from air and water.

There is at least one factory in China that produces approximately 1,000 cruise missiles. The Chinese did not say exactly what type and caliber of projectiles are produced. At the same time, they showed how missiles are launched from land, from airplanes, and from warships. The video from the plant in the People's Republic of China was analyzed by the experts of the Polish portal Defense24. Journalists of the portal drew attention to a fragment of the video with the logo of the Chinese state channel CCTV-7. The recording shows the most automated factory for the production of certain products.

In production shops, not a single person appears near the conveyors, the record shows. At the same time, a voiceover tells that it — a plant for the production of cruise and anti-ship missiles. Productivity of one plant — 1 thousand units per day (that is, 30 thousand per month and 360 thousand per year).

It was noted on the portal that the company is fully automated. So, it can work around the clock. It is not clear from the record which missiles of which caliber are in question: whether they are simple unguided missiles, or cruise missiles, or anti-ship missiles. However, the latest footage shows a shower of volleys from the most diverse military equipment that China has.

The authors of the article suggested that the video may have a propaganda nature and some production parameters may be exaggerated. At the same time, they emphasized that even if the record is half true, it is really threatening.

“It is not clear from the record to which missiles these numbers refer (for example, to simple unguided missiles, cruise or anti-ship missiles) or which their proportions. There is currently no confirmation of this information, although it is no secret that Beijing is rapidly expanding its production capacity,” — concluded Defense24 experts.

SCTV-7 — a Chinese state television channel that broadcasts around the clock. On the portal of the TV channel, you can see plots that are shown to the citizens of China: among them, a significant part talks about the troops and weapons.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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