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A new publishing house of English-language e-books “Kovyla Publishing” was opened in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

A new publishing house of English-language e-books "Kovyla Publishing"

Kovyla Publishing/facebook

Kovyla Publishing was founded by Viktoriya Narizhna, Alla Rybitzka, Viktoriya Starykova, Stefana Tsebrenko, Natalya Kornienko, Anastasia Milchakovska and Ihor Petrovsky – a team that previously worked on the book festival Book Space.

This is reported on the publishing house's Facebook page.

Currently, the team will publish e-books in the non-fiction genre, but does not rule out the appearance of paper books and other genres.

We strive to oppose the Russian imperial narrative, demonstrating the subjectivity and self-sufficiency of Ukrainians and addressing the world with our own voice. To achieve this, we are looking for stories, formats and narratives that allow foreign readers to form an accurate perception of us as a people, a nation and a state, free from stereotypes generated by Russia, – reports on the website of the publishing house.

Chief editor of the project is Viktoria Narizhna. As she reported on Facebook, have already agreed to write for the publishing houseKateryna Mikhalitsyna, Yevgenia Nesterovych, Olesya Yaremchuk, Iryna Tsylyk, Ostap Slyvinsky, Alim Aliyev and others.

A new publishing house of English-language electronic books "Kovyla Publishing"

Kovyla Publishing

Three books from the “Stories from Ukraine” series have already been announced on the publishing house's website: “Believers”, “Fighters” and “Keepers”. They are now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be available for download on October 2, 2024.

Stories from Ukraine is a collection of narrative nonfiction, each story featuring a combination of two unique, powerful voices: the narrator and a professional author who documents history and reflects it through his own life and war experience.

Both heroes and authors come from different environments and regions of Ukraine, which makes the collection a fascinating kaleidoscope of circumstances and perspectives , is indicated in the description.

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