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Two giant Chinese pandas will move to a zoo in Washington

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

Two giant Chinese pandas to move to Washington Zoo


Pandas will reappear at the Smithsonian National Zoo. China is to send two bears to Washington by the end of the year. This happened six months after a family of three pandas was returned to Asia.

The Smithsonian National Zoo (Washington, USA) announced that it will receive two young giant pandas from China. For each year they stay in America, Beijing will receive $1 million. This was reported by the BBC on May 30.

The arrival of the bears is the result of a new agreement signed with the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWSA). It provides for the transfer of the bears to the care of the National Zoo for ten years.

This historic moment is proof that our cooperation with our Chinese counterparts is having an undeniable impact, said Zoo Director Brandy Smith.


Both pandas (and their offspring) will remain the property of China. However, the zoo will pay an annual contribution of $1 million to the CWSA to support research and conservation efforts.

The National Zoo said it will make another announcement when the pandas are ready to go on display.


The so-called “panda diplomacy” is a tool of public diplomacy used by China to establish relations with foreign countries and solve other international problems.

Natasha Kumar

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