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A military man came to his daughter's birthday: an emotional video

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Military came to daughter's birthday: emotional video

Military came to daughter's birthday/tiktok

More and more Ukrainian children are growing up without a father. After all, war develops families, and men become soldiers, defending their country.

A mother published a touching video where a military father came to his daughter's birthday. The clip quickly gained many views and comments.

The young girl was very happy when she heard that her father had returned from the front. She ran to wake him up and hug him.

A military dad came for his daughter's birthday, the best gift, the mother wrote.

< p data-e2e="browse-video-desc">There are a lot of such videos on social networks, because due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, dads cannot be near their children. Take a direct part in their upbringing and enjoy their laughter and development.

@anastasia.mykolaivna #ukraine #рек #україна #деньрождения #донечка ♬ original sound – volkanov

Network reaction:

  • “I'm also going to see my little girl today for her birthday”
  • “Heart breaks up with such moments, the daughter herself is very bored”
  • “Finish us already, let's watch the meeting itself. The daughter is so beautiful. Keep it up!”
  • “God it hurts me, my daughter is 4 years old and I missed her 2 birthdays. It hurts so much to watch her grow up and I have no part in it, I ready to throw this world at her feet”
  • “She didn't even think about who was there, but immediately said dad. After all, she was only waiting for him, and this is probably the best gift she had”
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