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He broke his own record: a 106-year-old man jumped with a parachute in the USA

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Broken his own record: a 106-year-old man jumped with a parachute in the USA

Broke his own record/The Guinness World Records

A 106-year-old American became the oldest person in the world to make a tandem jump with a parachute. Radio Maximum in a new material tells the details of the record.

Alfred “Al” Blaschke jumped from a plane at an altitude of 2.7 thousand meters together with the governor of Texas. This is reported by The Guinness World Records.

Alfred first set this record more than three years ago at the age of 103, and now he has broken it.

If you think you can't, you're just underestimating yourself. We are all capable of more than we think. You just have to make the decision to try,” commented the resident of Texas on his feat.

He also surpassed 104-year-old American Dorothy Hoffner, who unofficially became the oldest tandem skydiver last October. 8 days after the jump, the woman died in her sleep, without waiting for the official confirmation of the record.

Alfred made the jump shortly after Dorothy – in November 2023,but the Guinness Book of Records declared him a record holder only now. The man is now 107 years old.

Became his own record: in the USA 106- year-old man parachuted

Alfred “Al” Blaschke

Before his retirement in 1982, the man was engaged in the manufacture of aircraft parts, including during World War II. Alfred has been interested in aviation all his life, and the Texan made his first skydive in 2020. So he decided to celebrate his grandson's graduation from college.

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