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Singer Yulik resoundingly decided to end the spring season with the new track “Flowers”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Singer Yulik resoundingly decided to end the spring season with the new track

Yulik/Press Service

Ukrainian singer and songwriter Yulik decided to end the spring season with a breaking song, which he dedicated to all women. He also told how he gives his wife flowers in his absence.

The Ukrainian artist decided to please his fans with a new incredible track. “Flowers” is already available on all music platforms.

“Flowers” is the embodiment of a dedication to the best half of humanity, and this is not the first time the singer confesses his feelings in his songs.

< p class="quote" dir="ltr">My goal has always been to create music that touches the hearts of listeners. Flowers should be given not only for some holiday or event, but also just on weekdays. This is a kind of reminder to men that for the sake of our women we live happily, breathe and be inspired, says Yulik

The artist wrote the words and music for the song independently, after returning from a charity tour abroad to raise funds for the Armed Forces .

During this year I toured in many countries and every time, the eyes and happy faces of women inspired me to create another dedication song. Personally, I am often away from home and use courier delivery of flowers to make my relatives happy, it is so convenient, although it will not convey a live emotion. But the very principle of attention and care is important here, so appreciate your most beautiful ones, the singer added.

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