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4 powerful films about success stories of popular brands that will inspire everyone

These films will tell the success stories of popular brands/Collage Radio MAXIMUM

Modern cinema is always interested in impressive success stories, and films about famous brands are no exception. These films allow viewers to better understand how famous companies were born and developed, what obstacles they had to overcome on the way to success.

One by one, these films show vivid episodes of the history of famous brands and their founders And Radio MAXIMUM recommends viewing them. You have the next weekend for it.

“Air: The Big Leap” (2023)

This film tells the story of the success of Air Jordans, which became a true symbol of Nike. With the help of these sneakers, Nike earns more than $4 billion annually, making them one of the most successful shoe manufacturers in the world.

“BlackBerry” (2023)

The film reveals the dramatic story of the rise and fall of the Research In Motion company, the manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones, which were popular at the time. Although the company was at the height of its success in the 1990s, the introduction of the PocketLink pager brought only financial difficulties and debt.

The Outsiders/Ford vs. Ferrari (2019)

This film tells the exciting story of the struggle between two automotive giants – Ford and Ferrari. It shows how Ford's vice president, Lee Iacocca, offers to buy Ferrari but is turned down, leading to a race between the two companies at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“Tetris” (2023)

Tetris: watch the movie trailer

The film reveals the complex struggle of entrepreneur Hank Rogers for the rights to fame in game world game Tetris. This story shows how he came into conflict with competitors who tried to overtake him and acquire the rights to the game.

Films about famous brands not only entertain the audience, but also inspire them with their success stories and ability to overcome difficulties. They provide an opportunity to better understand how ordinary ideas can turn into big businesses, and also remind us of the importance of persistence and self-belief in achieving your dreams.

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