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Biden and Scholz did not support Macron’s idea of ​​seeing the “red lines” ODO RF - WSJ < p>Illustrative photo from the open fire 

French President Emmanuel Macron called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden to “take a position of strategic ambivalence” before Russia and having eliminated “all European options on the table.”

The Wall Street Journal reported this to unnamed officials. According to their data, Scholz and Biden did not support such a position.

Macron held confidential negotiations with both leaders. The idea of ​​the French president “represented a radical approach” from the position that the US administration was pursuing an invasion of Ukraine.

Washington’s approach would be taken in such a way as to avoid any actions that could provoke Moscow.

Macron, by the way, wants to stop advertising “heart lines” and is going to “why is the Kremlin guessing?”

Joe Biden “casting doubt on the need to change the strategy” " through fighting, which can cause escalation and outbreak of war.

Olaf Scholz did not support the idea of ​​his French colleague, so that we can “divide the allies and make the edges of NATO a party to the conflict.” .

< strong>BAGNETguessed that on the 26th of February, after the meeting with the leaders of the European Union, Emmanuel Macron did not include the dispatch of European troops to the territory of Ukraine. WSJ writes that, in his own words, “having invited the allies.”

Greater Britain, Ugorshchina, Nimecchyna, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Sweden were officially declared about the leadership of the military. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg voiced a similar position. 

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