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Monobank has changed the design of its application: how to change it

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr4,2024

Monobank has changed the design of its application: how to change it

The Monobank application received redesign/Monobank

The Monobank company has finally launched a redesign of its mobile application. It will provide users with more opportunities and comfort in use. This will be a new stage in the development of the bank and will improve the user experience.

Co-founder of Monobank, Oleh Horohovsky, announced an important update of the bank's mobile application. The new design, which was called Monobank 2.0, was developed taking into account the increase in functionality and expansion of the bank's services.

We are launching monobank 2.0 – a redesign of the monobank application. At the start, we only had one card, so the design was designed specifically for it. And now we already have various cards, FOPs, and many other things in the plans. Because we want to make new products. And, because they are not used to standing still,
– he wrote.

The main feature of the redesign is the ability for users to choose the time of the design update, which will allow them to conveniently adapt to the new interface.

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One of the key innovations was the ability to open a joint statement of all cards by making a simple swipe to the right. Also, the application will have many other improvements aimed at making it easier to use and improve convenience. According to Horokhovsky, all innovations will be available only in the new design, however users will be able to return to the previous interface using the appropriate button in the “More” section.

Ba moreover, we understand that any changes provoke a barrage of criticism. Therefore, you can then switch to the old design using the same button in “More”. But we will do all new things in the future only in a new design,
– emphasized Oleg Horohovsky.

The redesign of the Monobank mobile application opens up new opportunities for users and confirms the bank's constant desire for innovation and service improvement. This update will allow customers to enjoy a convenient and modern interface, as well as make the most of all the advantages offered by Monobank.

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